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Volume 57 2006

Volume 57 includes articles numbered 1—38 and Short Communications. These were published in three issues and are here indexed collectively.

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Volume 57, Articles 1-38 and Short Communications

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS OF PEER REVIEWERS FOR VOLUME 57............0.00ccccecceccecee Vil

(April 18, 2006)

ALAN E. Leviton, MICHELE L. ALDRICH, AND KARREN ELSBERND: The California Academy of Sciences, Grove Karl Gilbert, and Photographs of the 1906 Earthquake mostly from the Anchives@lthe CalitoriaAcademysok SCIENCES eee Sakae ne eee 1

GEORGE R. ZUG, HERRICK H.K. BROWN, JAMES A. SCHULTE II1, AND JENS V. VINDUM: Systematics of the Garden Lizards, Calotes versicolor Group (Reptilia, Squamata, Agamidae), in Myanmar Centrale DiypZone Lopulatioms hts sss ele Peete ete oe tuesalccetonclih ouc jeutuec ates Sas euene, waaeae 35

BRIAN HETERICK: A Revision of the Malagasy Ants Belonging to Genus Monomorium Mayr, 1855 diiymienoprera: sR ormicidac)se! oh ec eiad (5 hhe cis eee ea Ae AM ete ect Lake em hate eget 69

JAMES R. LABONTE: Pterostichus lattini LaBonte, a New Species of Carabid Beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae Pterostichini)) fromeOrecom fae ecm n ores oe eee na ee ee ae 203

DaviD H. KAVANAUGH AND JAMES R. LABONTE: Prerostichus brachylobus Kavanaugh and LaBonte, A New Species of the Carabid Beetle Subgenus Hypherpes Chaudoir, 1838, from the Central Coastol Oregon) (nsecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae; Pterostichini) 50. oe ee ee ok HM)

C. BRuUSCHI, C. Corti, M.A. CARRETERO, D.J. HARRIS, B. LANZA, AND A.E. LEVITON: Comments on the Status of the Sardinian-Corsican Lacertid Lizard Podarcis tiliguerta ............. DDS

JENNIFER L. TRUSTY, HERBERT C. KESLER, AND GERMAN HAUG DELGADO: Vascular Flora of Isla del CocomCostasRucahys Ase ee is ED) EAE ee GE, SOs IRDA Ss Ace Aen aan 247

SANDRA V. MILLEN: A New Species of Adalaria (Nudibranchia: Onchidorididae) from the North- CASS ACHI CED tr Ser ee ook ie Sar eee ane PEM Ne lis CERRITO RAC HREM, Un aan: INR REID S51

NORMAN D. Penny: A Review of Our Knowledge of California Mecoptera............... 365

JOHN E. McCosker: A New Species of Sand Eel, Yirrkala moorei (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae), fromthe; SoOuthiPacth seh ashes pitas om eee eee eye yam cee I eee eta 3/2)

TomMIo IWAMOTO AND ALEXEY ORLOv: Paracetonurus flagellicauda Koefoed, 1927 (Macrouridae, Gadiformes, Teleostei), a Rare Grenadier from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Madagascar | PA aC YER TT ib We Fae oe Se Ae rl a ce PORE OR peel wm aa Ne cet Tag re VM UAmS CaS Aneel de 6 379

(September 15, 2006)

LIHUA ZHOU, PETER W. FRITSCH, AND BRUCE BARTHOLOMEW: The Symplocaceae of Gaoligong SS ETEREDE arctan aero ct et ees RD MRA bi, Seis Spore cayausncnes ewe os 387




Grenadiers (Teleostei: Macrouridae) from the Seychelles and Mascarene Ridge, Western Indi- Fit: OXI eee ee a ea er Pen RMR ene din GuGth ao od © 6 0 c 433

HAMID BOSTANCHI, STEVEN C. ANDERSON, HAJI GHOLI KAMI, AND THEODORE J. PAPENFUSS: A New Species of Pseudocerastes with Elaborate Tail Ornamentation from Western Iran (Squama- (iS Wit or) aCe) eee eee ear rere nae re Mon tear oY eaMmnnu Pein es Pno Mn Inr einer ats G6 0 0'o 0 0 - 443

MArcIA S. CouRI AND NORMAN D. PENNY: On Palpibracus Rondani (Diptera: Muscidae) with Descniptionsiol NEW SPeCleS 2.24. oes os eee le snc eee eae oh 451

MArclA S. COURI AND ADRIAN C. Pont: Eggs of Stylogaster Macquart (Diptera, Conopidae) on Madacascan Muscids (Diptera, Muscidae) 22255 022 sass 2 oe eee 473

JOHN E. MCCOSKER AND ROBERT N. LEA: White Shark Attacks Upon Humans in California and Oreson 993-2003 shee sake aa Pe ee errr eA eS !e Uso 00 0 0 479

AARON M. BAUER, TODD JACKMAN, Ross A. SADLIER, AND ANTHONY H. WHITAKER: A Revision of the Bavayia validiclavis group (Squamata: Gekkota: Diplodactylidae), a Clade of New Cale- doniani Geckos? Exhibiaine Microendemism:)4;.¢ 928 so. ase 2 a ne ae ee 503

FRANK ALMEDA AND L.J. DORR: Miconia amilcariana (Melastomataceae: Miconieae), a New Species from the Venezuelan Andes with Notes on the Distribution and Origin of Dioecy in ches Melastomataceae: a... 6 oe nisi Waves oer SNS Ee eee See ee ee 549

DONALD G. BROADLEY: A New Species of 7Typhlacontias (Reptilia: Scincidae: Feylininae) from Wester danZania:... i) clstaie 3 ters eh ie a enee els mien eee ects cede) ee S51)

J.P. KOCIOLEK: Some Thoughts on the Development of a Diatom Flora for Freshwater Ecosystems in the Continental United States and a Listing of Recent Taxa Described from U.S. Fresh- WCE RS iors, cic tata tala ae wie As Sei uc eos Aeee meester © Sell eae he eg er 561

RICARDO KRIEBEL: A Widespread New Species in the Neotropical Berry-fruited Genus Clidemia and Range Extension of Ossaea quadrisulca (Melastomataceae: Miconieae).......... 587

AARON M. BAUER,TRIP LAMB, AND WILLIAM R. BRANCH: A Revision of the Pachydactylus serval and P. weberi Groups (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae) of Southern Africa, with the Descrip- HoOntombishtINew Species «505. 8... gh ge pean aie a ee Oe 595

DaviD H. KAVANAUGH AND HONGBIN LIANG: Three Additional New Species of Aristochroa Tschitschérine (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pterostichini) from the Gaoligongshan of Western Yun- ARATNW Pat OWAIN E58 SIN Ae calsayny abe i Losceve ra myn Pa hernld fSba veld cals Wao oe ae ee 711

Gary C. WILLIAMS: Replacement Name Proposed for the Genus Simpsonella Stiasny, 1940 (Octo- corallia: Chrysogorgiidae), Preoccupied by Simpsonella Cockerell, 1903 (Bivalvia: Union- GIS) 6 855.0 Co a te ee oe ee ee Ne MERE Ar So oo co 133

JOHN E. McCosker: Notes and Comments on Some Eastern Atlantic Snake Eels (Anguilliformes: @hiGhthid ac) piesa ose os eb ok a peteie Aue Se wlatie bokeey sR eee 736

(December 28, 2006)

JEREMY A. MILLER: Web-sharing Sociality and Cooperative Prey Capture in a Malagasy Spits: Spider (Araneae: Scytodidae). <<... . sc Ae. ass s Cae 2 ee ee 739


WILSON R. LOURENGO, STEVEN M. GOODMAN, AND BRIAN L. FISHER: A Reappraisal of the Geo- graphical Distribution of the Endemic Family Microcharmidae Lourengo (Scorpiones) in Madagascar and Description of Eight New Species and Subspecies ............... eas

EDWARD S. Ross: Paedembiidae, a Remarkable New Family and Infraorder of Embiidina RE OUIIB AC en ATH S LAMM wrayer eae nteay Ge gece st MUGS a fie sing Micavioaa: Bybee Slo te eee 785

A.V. GOROCHOV AND L.N. ANISYUTKIN: A New Genus and Species of Paedembiidae from Turk- TEI So coh ccc, db DANES o'<.aee Ble 6 Gren oon Renn Re nN a0 IPE acter Enc ar, 795

MArcla S. Court, ADRIAN C. PONT, AND NORMAN D. PENNy: Muscidae (Diptera) from Madagas- car: Identification Keys, Descriptions of New Species, and New Records ............ VQ

SANDRA MILLEN AND JEFFREY C. HAMANN: A New Nudibranch Species, Genus Flabellina (Opisthobranchia: Aeolidacea) from the Caribbean with Redescriptions of F: verta

(Miarcuse1970) andi dushias(Marcus and! Mareus,, 1963). 055.208. 40. sane ge ee oe 925 BRUCE B. COLLETTE, DAVID W. GREENFIELD, AND JOSE LINO Costa: Are There One or Two Species of Halobatrachus Toadfishes (Teleostei: Batrachoididae) in the Eastern Atlantic? ...... 937 DAviID W. GREENFIELD: Two New Toadfish Genera (Teleostei: Batrachoididae)............ 945

JAMES F. PARHAM, OGUZ TURKOZAN, BRYAN L. STUART, MARINE ARAKELYAN, SOHEILA SHAFEI, J. ROBERT MACEY, YEHUDAH L. WERNER, AND THEODORE J. PAPENFUSS: Genetic Evidence for Premature Taxonomic Inflation in Middle Eastern Tortoises .................-+.+-- 955

FRANK PEZOLD, TOMIO IWAMOTO, AND IAN J. HARRISON: The California Academy of Sciences Gulf of Guinea Expedition (2001) V. Multivariate Analysis of Sicydiines of Sao Tomé & Principe with Redescription of Sicydium brevifile and S. bustamantei (Teleostei: Gobiidae) AH GEaeIEYaLONWESEAtin CANE SICY CIIMES qr te eo ceases ore ee nn he es eee 965

JAMIE M. CHAN AND TERRENCE M. GOSLINER: Description of A New Species of Thordisa (Nudi- branchias Discodondidae) iromvuRanamaien. seeeeac ati @ ors ot we 2c Geen ee 981

OLAF BREIDBACH AND MICHAEL T. GHISELIN: Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680) on Noah’s Ark: Baroque «intelligent Mesionig Theory” setae ccacrete arse ects eke cee oy oa rey a eer waa 991

TERRENCE M. GOSLINER AND DAVID W. BEHRENS: Anatomy of an Invasion: Systematics and Distri- bution of the Introduced Opisthobranch Snail, Haminoea japonica Pilsbry, 1895 (Gastropoda: @pisthobranchiaxHaminocidae) crea) ti. discs se a are aces Geach thei che jeter eee een 1003

THOMAS F. DANIEL: Synchronous Flowering and Monocarpy Suggest Plietesial Life History for Neotropical Stenostephanus chiapensis (Acanthaceae)............... 0c eee eee 1011


Proceedings, Volume 57

Errata Page (Para.) Line Corrections Ty) last Boliva to read Bolivia DS 11 Boliva to read Bolivia 279 12 Boliva to read Bolivia 35) 8 from bottom _Boliva to read Bolivia 269 7 from bottom Maritius to read Mauritius 421 (Fig. legend) sumutia to read sumuntia 452 (7) 1 Palpiracus to read Palpibracus A477 (1) 1 Stomyxys to read Stomoxys 683 (7) 1 Pachydacytlus to read Pachydactylus VS CD) 6 Ophichthys to read Ophichthus 800 (1) B) Allauduielle to read Alluauduielle 946 (1) 1 Halophyrne to read Halophryne 948 (2) 13 Valdichtys to read Vladichthys 948 (2) 6 Halophyrne to read Halophryne

Replacement images The following are replacement images for those published in:

IWAMOTO, TOMIO, DANIEL GOLANI, ALBERT BARANES, AND MENACHEM GOREN: Two New Species of Grenadiers (Teleostei: Macrouridae) from the Seychelles and Mascarene Ridge, Western Indi- an Ocean, p. 435, figure 2c (Sept. 15, 2006)

MILLEN, SANDRA, AND JEFFREY C. HAMANN: A New Nudibranch Species, Genus Flabellina (Opisthobranchia: Aeolidacea) from the Caribbean with Redescriptions of F verta (Marcus 1970), and F: dushia (Marcus and Marcus, 1963), p. 933, figure 5 (Dec. 28, 2006)


See: Iwamoto, Tomio, Daniel Golani, Albert Baranes, and Men- achem Goren, p. 435, replace- ment figure 2c.

See: Millen, Sandra, and Jef- frey C. Hamann, p. 933, replace- ment figure 5.



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